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I often get told that my images are instantly recognizable - that someone knew an image was mine the moment they saw it. This can lead to questions about my editing process, or how I make everything "match". But a clear brand identity is more than simply "matching" images. With this style guide, I aim to equip you with the tools to thoughtfully curate your style for a clear and unified vision.


From the top-down I'll break my "brand" down into elements, and illustrate how these elements map onto my final images, so that every part of the work I create speaks to my personal brand identity. Then I'll challenge you to do the same, before diving into wardrobe, home, & beyond to answer not only WHAT I use to style my images, but WHY I make certain choices. My goal is to see you apply what you discover about your personal brand to curating whole life branding that shines through each and every image you create! 

Four Ponds Living - Whole Life Branding Style Guide

    • Included is a 25-Page .pdf guide optimized for print! 
    • This is an Instant download, and will not be shipped to you!
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